I'm listening to The Psychology Podcast with guest Angela Duckworth. Angela studies the 'psychology of effort and achievement', and has written a book about her study of the concept of grit that she defines as 'passion and perseverance for long term goals'.

'People who are very high at achieving tend to bring great effort in a consistent and enduring way to a goal. And the goal doesn't change much over time. The big thing they are working on tends to be the same over time'.

So, does applying for this audition mean that I have 'grit' now, or the fact that I keep on giving up on my long term goals mean that I don't have grit?

Or, in ACT terms is this just a story that I tell about myself that it is not really helpful to hold on too tightly?

There is also an intersection between grit and the ACT concept of values and goals. I am thinking that grit is maybe how well we consistently live our lives according to our values? 

And, apparently I have sort of high grit. Which sort of follows, as now I mostly live according to my values of persistence and hard work, but when I get tired and burnt out, I don't.

Deborah HartComment